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Urbanscape Landscaping Solutions

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Why Urbanscape Landscaping Solutions? The landscaping industry is constantly evolving to ensure: 1. Good water conservation* practices and reduced evaporation 2. More vigorous plant growth and better resistance to environmental stress 3. Control over soil erosion 4. Storm water management and less storm water runoff, reducing local flooding *Significantly reduced water consumption is just one of the primary advantages of the innovative Urbanscape Landscaping System from Knauf Insulation, which is designed to meet the many challenges associated with water management.

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Urbanscape Landscaping System Urbanscape is an innovative and easy to install system that boasts high water retention capacity designed specifically for landscaping applications such as residential gardens, sports fields, commercial spaces, cemeteries, public parks and various complex green architectural solutions. Urbanscape Green Rolls are made of natural rock mineral wool fibres with superior water absorption and water retention properties. Virgin mineral fibres provide additional water storage, releasing water when required and protecting the water from percolation and reducing...

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Significant water conservation Urbanscape Green Rolls deliver fast and long-term stable water re-absorption and water retention performance. A mere 1m2 of Urbanscape Green Roll just 2 cm thick absorbs a whole 17 litres of rainwater. Depending on the local climate and the weather/season, water savings of up to 75 % can be achieved. Storm water management One major advantage of Urbanscape Green Rolls are their ability to reduce storm water runoff, which translates into lower burdens on sewer systems. It can lower costs by eliminating the need for rain caching cisterns and similar equipment...

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.at least 50 cm. 5s,    in all horizontally directions * ##    > **»    v • SfV Ideal for sub-irrigation 1. Vegetation 2. Fertile layer 3. Irrigation system 4. Urbanscape Green Roll 5. Base ground Urbanscape Product RangeUrbanscape Green Roll Urbanscape Green Roll (HTC GR) is a lightweight landscaping product made of long rock mineral wool fibres specially needled to form a compact and dimensionally stable felt. The product is made solely of virgin rock mineral fibres. Urbanscape Green Rolls ensure excellent water retention and conservation in an array of landscaping applications and is a...

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Urbanscape Green Cubes Urbanscape Green Cubes are a water absorbent growing medium made of virgin rock mineral wool. Urbanscape green cubes are used primarily as a soil enhancement product, which helps build better soil structure and provides higher water retention capacity and better aeration of the growing medium. Water contained in Urbanscape Green Cubes is always easily available for plant uptake. Urbanscape Green Cubes are used for different home gardening applications: • Use alone as a growing medium in pots • Mix with other pot media (soil, coconut fibres, peat etc.) to improve water...

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Urbanscape Green Flocks Urbanscape Green Flocks are made of virgin rock mineral wool. Urbanscape Green Flocks are used as a growing medium for home and professional use, or to augment high quality soil for both indoor and outdoor plant production. Green flocks have superior water storage and release capabilities, making water and nutrients easily accessible to plants. Green flocks improve soil structure and help protect plants from environmental stress. Urbanscape Green Flocks are used as a high quality soil enrichment product in professional landscaping applications. • Mix with other...

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Performance Case Studies Kuwait - Improving natural resources management Urbanscape Green Roll Climate in Kuwait: Kuwait is a small, desert country, located in the north-east corner of the Arabian Peninsula, famous for its very dry and hot climate. The flat, sandy Arabian Desert covers most of Kuwait. The summer months (April – October) are extremely hot and dry (it never rains during summer months) and while the normal day temperature is 33°C, it rises up to 51°C, i.e. 124°F, during the months of June, July and August. Winters (November to March) are cool with limited rain. Due to this...

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Measurements for the following parameters were taken: A number of inflorescences B number of shoots C above-ground mass D dry above-ground mass (72 hours at 80 °C) E fresh root mass F dry root mass 1. Plant growth Procedure • Ornamental plant tested: Trailing, cascading pelargoniums (Pelargonium peltatum • Substrate used: professional substrate with NPK ratio of 14:10:15 , pH value of 5.5. - 6.5. • Differrent scenarios, mixing fibres into substrate used: Ratio (Urbanscape products : commercial substrate) 100% professional substrate (control) 40 % Urbanscape Green Cubes : 60 % professional...

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2. Water retention characteristics of different substrate mixtures (soil vs. soil with Urbanscape products added): Substrate mixtures 100 % professional substrate (control) 60 % Urbanscape Green Cubes 40 % professional substrate 40% Urbanscape Green Cubes 60 % professional substrate 63.3% increase in water retention capacity in case of 60% Green Cubes added. Highest water retention was recorded in the case where 60% of Green Cubes was added to the substrate. In this case, we observed a 63.3% increase in water retention capacity (results obtained for substrates only, without plants). See the...

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Urbanscape Applications Landscaping Applications Sports fields Slope greening/Erosion control Railway greening Public green leisure areas Urbanscape Systems Urbanscape Systems have been developed for various applications in order to meet an array of water management requirements. Urbanscape Green Roof System Urbanscape Horticulture Urbanscape Landscape Solution Urbanscape Home & Gardening -11-

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