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BERA Pedestal HiLo Fix - 6 Pages

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BERA Pedestal HiLo Fix

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Decking & Paving Support

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INTRODUCTION BERA® Pedestals HiLo Fix have been designed by and for professionals in creation of gardens and terraces. They are made of 100% recycled and re-enforced polypropylene, eliminating the need for bedding sand and/or of brick or other methods for installation of raised ceramic pavers or wooden/composite decking. Easy drainage of water and installation of electric systems under the void space ensures extended life-span of the decking material and pavers and high quality finish of the terrace. Damaged ceramic tiles can easily be replaced without any difficulties. The large surface of...

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For wooden and composite WPO decking For stone and ceramic pavers Pictures    Product ID    Description    Art. Code EAN Code QTY /box 3500025 3500026 3500027 3500028 3500035 3500036 3500037 3500038 3500039 3500040 Paving Pedestal 11-15 mm Paving Pedestal 15-19 mm Paving Pedestal 19-27 mm Paving Pedestal 27-40 mm Paving Pedestal 40-70 mm Paving Pedestal 70-120 mm Paving Pedestal 120-170 mm Paving Pedestal 170-270 mm Paving Pedestal 270-370 mm Paving Pedestal 370-470 mm Shim 1 mm soft (noise reduction) Shim 3 mm soft (noise reduction) Slope Corrector 0-7%

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TECHNICAL DATA For wooden and composite WPC decking Product ID    Description    Art. Height Ground Surface Playload Weight Code adjust- plate cm2 Ton    kg 3500020 Shim 1 mm hard 3500021 Shim 1 mm soft (noise reduction) 3500023    Shim 3 mm soft (noise reduction) For stone and ceramic pavers Product ID    Description    Art. Height Ground Surface Playload Weight Code adjust- plate cm2 Ton    kg

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Applications BERA® Pedestals HiLo Fix have proven records for fast and effective installation of wooden and composite decking, but also to provide a solution for the ceramic tiles terraces. Applications are typically terraces or raised floors in gardens, around swimming pools and terraces at restaurants. With the upcoming green-roofing BERA is offering the opportunity to create integrated solutions the lounge area. Also balconies or penthouses are easily renovated using pedestals and ceramic tiles. Finally raised floors for exhibition-booth and showrooms can be created and dismantled in...

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BERA® is the trademark of BERA B.V. of The Netherlands, a company which develops stabilization systems, eco systems and prestigious outdoor living concepts. With the company’s historical roots & wealth of know-how in landscaping and architectural fields, they create innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions, supplied throughout Europe, the Middle-East, South Africa and S-E Asia regions. Contact: BERA B.V. (The Netherlands) T: +31 (0) 33 257 0302 E: BERA B.V. (Germany) T: +49 (0) 30 78 71 68 85 E: BERA Sarl (France) T: +33 (0) 9 81 12 76 58 E:...

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