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Highlights 2018
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Catalog excerpts

B.E.G. The lighting control professionals

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sinceB.E.G. Bruck Electronic GmbH - a company with over 40 years of experience Energy-efficient products combined with tradition Founded in 1975, family-owned B.E.G., headquartered in Lindlar, Germany, has stood for quality and innovation for over 40 years. From the very beginning, our team's focus has been on satisfying customers. The B.E.G. product range is divided into six product lines: LUXOMAT®, LUXOMATIC®, LUXOMAT®net, SAFETYLUX®, CHRONOLUX® and B.E.G. SMARTHOME®. B.E.G. offers customers a wide product range, individual solutions, outstanding quality and personal service. 1975 The foundation...

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While other HCL controllers often require a complicated building-wide control system, the B.E.G. detector works completely independently thanks to its integrated real-time clock and DALI controller. This means each room can be individually configured. The detector supports up to 4 DALI lighting groups and 3 pushbutton inputs. The DALI lights are quickly and easily grouped using the bidirectional B.E.G. smartphone app. The PD4-M-HCL is thus ideal for retrofitting or refurbishment work in buildings where there is no bus system. Thanks to a large detection area of 24m, it can be installed effortlessly...

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Light is good for you. We all experience this every year as spring comes: as the days become brighter, we feel more active, in a better mood and with better concentration than in the dark months of winter. Therefore vision is not the only reason that people need light. Light also regulates the human “body clock" - a complicated control system which coordinates and organises the functions of the body to a 24-hour rhythm. This regulation system has to be resynchronised by daylight every day. If the required light stimulus, an important timer, is missing, the body clock goes offtrack. This can lead...

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Controller, push-button interface and occupancy detector are integrated into one device. Using the pre-programmed factory setting and the convenient B.E.G. smartphone app, the sensor is ready to use immediately, and can be configured in no time at all. The mechanical switches in the installation can be used via the three pushbutton inputs. An economical solution for the DALI standard Thanks to a large detection area and support for up to 64 DALI electronic ballasts, the detector is also suitable for large rooms, and is therefore a very economical solution for HCL with DALI lights which support...

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applications: Cut-off, HVAC, Zone C, CdS, Alarm pulse, Pulse function, Off HCL light G1 (lux regulation circuit) Up to 4 slave units for extension of detection area Digital addressing and grouping (G1-G4) 1 Group electronic ballasts Set up detector Select HC pro le Main lighting via DALI G1-3 Accent lighting via relay Pushbutton coupler Sensor coupler Up to 64 DALI electronic ballasts Accent lighting via DALI G4 DALI power supply DALI controller Multifunctional relays Technical Data High-sensitivity occupancy detector with the ability to address up to 64 DALI electronic ballasts automatically,...

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B.E.G.’s new PL1 “Tunable White" LED panel lights combine an attractive design with modern LED technology. The extremely flat housing is particularly suitable for installation into modular suspended ceilings with little installation depth. The diffuser is homogeneously illuminated and offers a convenient light distribution in the room. The lights are also available with a microprismatic cover allowing to reduce the glare to UGR <19. The high-quality and economical LEDs assure an operating time of more than 40000 hours with a luminous efficacy of up to 3550 lumens. The luminaires are equipped with...

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Luminous flux: Colour reproduction: Glare reduction: Photobiological safety: Dimmability: Degree / class of protection: Mounting: Case: Square -PL1-600-LED-AG-DALI-TW PL1-625-LED-AG-DALI-TW Very flat square LED panel light For installation into suspended ceilings Module 600 or 625 Light colour adjustable from 2900 K to 6800 K DALI driver type 8 for controlling the light temperature Very uniform brightness of the luminaire Good glare reduction thanks to micropris-matic structure UGR < 19 (version AG) 50/60 Hz Power consumption:45 W Illuminant:    LED module Luminous intensity: approx. 2900 K warm...

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The entry-level set for small offices consists of a DALI LINK power supply, a PD11 DALI LINK multisensor and a DALI LINK 4-way pushbutton interface with built-in Bluetooth gateway. The super-flat PD11 is the first choice for the most demanding architectural considerations, with a large detection range for its class. Unlike other systems, the DALI LINK PD11 is not only a multisensor but also a master occupancy detector with its own intelligence as a controller. Therefore B.E.G. DALI LINK is highly fail-safe, expandable and economical. All components are also available individually, so that larger...

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DALI LINK multisensor PD11 Setup via B.E.G. BLE app Detection area: vertical, 360° Voltage: 16 VDC DALI bus Range: max. 0 9 m tangential, max. 0 6 m towards, max. 0 3 m small movements/ seated activities As well as the PD11, there are other multisensors available for DALI LINK, with various mounting options. DALI LINK Bluetooth pushbutton interface Setup via B.E.G. BLE app Voltage: 16 VDC DALI bus Cable length: max. 50 cm Time setting: 1 min - 150 min, only in stairway mode Can be combined with all 4-way switch surfaces from major manufacturers DALI LINK Bluetooth app The B.E.G. Bluetooth app...

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a user with a smartphone can control room lighting and scene selection individually. Simple lighting regulation The definition of two lighting groups (DUO function) with offset function using continuous DALI wiring can be carried out quickly and directly for each multisensor via the programming. Guided Light Additional DALI multisensors can be installed not only as slave units, but also for “Guided Light". Adjacent areas are then maintained at comfortable orientation light levels. Demanding design requirements The super-flat PD11 means there is now a design-oriented DALI room solution. 6 control...

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