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Catalogue excerpts

Interfaces / Gateways System devices Occupancy and motion detectors Individual solutions for intelligent building systems Cost-efficient Energy-saving With B.E.G. energy saving = cost reduction + environmental protection

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Legend can also be used as a Slave device 1 - 10 V dimmer outlet KNX/EIB-BUS connection DALI connection ca ® AT KnX IldIng systems LUXOMfor IntellIgent bu lutIons and OCCupanCy dEtECtOrs mOtiOn Three steps to finding the right device Limitation of the detection range with cover accessories Creep zone protection The tabs at the side are sorted according to use and field of application Plug base installation Outer corner installation MEM Bus coupler integrated into module Pictograms in the tab and above the technical data -saving Energy Flexible -proof Future Increased IP protection, suitable for...

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B.E.G. - A COMPANY WITH OVER 30 YEARS TRADITION ^ FOR ENERGY SAVING, SAFETY AND COMFORT Exterior motion detector KNX/EIB-BUS 8 Ceiling occupancy detector KNX/EIB-BUS 9-14 Wall occupancy detector KNX/EIB-BUS 15 DALI/KNX Gateway with IP interface 31 KNXnet/IP Multicontrol Interface 39 CONNECT YOUR BUILDING SYSTEMS INTELLIGENTLY

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1975 B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH B.E.G. - a company with over 30 years tradition 1975 Expansion of our activities for developing and producing motion detectors. Since then, we have manufactured several generations of motion detectors in our company along with expanding the range by developing other product families such as VIDEOLUX® and ECOLIGHT. With our continuing aim of “direct connections” from June 1st 2006 sales in german are now handled directly. We now have direct operations in Germany, France, UK and Belgium. Starting this year, the company B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH is certified according...

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B.E.G. – a company with over 30 years tradition B.E.G. LUXOMAT ® for energy saving, safety and comforT ... our high standard of quality The B.E.G. employees are proud to be able provide the customers with products that boast innovative technology, unimpeachable workmanship and advanced designs while maintaining good value for money – products that compare very favourably other brand name manufacturers. Customer satisfaction out of principle For us, quality starts during product development. It is important to us that the products meet our customers’ requirements and even exceed their expectations,...

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Occupancy and motion detectors MOTION AND OCCUPANCY DETECTOR FOR KNX/EIB APPLICATIONS B.E.G. LUXOMAT ® for saving energy in buildings Our approach to energy savings in buildings – LUXOMAT® motion and occupancy detectors Flure Hotelzimmer Flure Hotelzimmer Switch or dim lights with intelligence and Kindergärten energy efficiency Still even better – for energy savings, security and comfort räume Conference rooms Kindergärten Corridors B.E.G. offers KNX/EIB occupancy detectors for various ranges with diameters up to 44 m and 360°, which are capable of carrying out nearly any application required...

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MOTION AND OCCUPANCY DETECTOR FOR KNX/EIB APPLICATIONS B.E.G. LUXOMAT ® for saving energy in buildings Motion detector RC-plus next 97052 – white 230 (KNX/EIB) 97053 – black Wall installation Ceiling installation Outer corner installation Corner socket Motion detection Detection angle Occupancy detector for KNX/EIB-BUS for switching or dimming Occupancy detector PD2-DIMKNX/EIB PD4-DIMKNX/EIB PD4-DIMKNX/EIB-GH PD4-DIMKNX/EIB-C PD9-DIMKNX/EIB PD9-DIMKNX/EIB-GH Indoor 180DIM-KNX/EIB Daylight measurement Motion detection Occupancy and motion detectors Overview of KNX motion detectors for outdoors Additional...

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EXTERIOR MOTION DETECTORS FOR KNX/EIB-BUS APPLICATIONS B.E.G. LUXOMAT ® for saving energy outside buildings | LUXOMAT ® RC-plus next 230 (KNX/EIB) Occupancy and motion detectors ent pend ht-de g dayli With ation iv t deac Technical data Product information 24 VDC from KNX/EIB-BUS 230° max. 20 m when walking across (tangential) IP54 / Class II / examples: monitoring a whole side of a building, warehouses, ramps or garages -25°C to +55°C Housing UV- and shockresistant Polycarbonate for integration in KNX/EIB-BUS systems detector LUXOMAT ® RC-plus next 230 (KNX/EIB) for building services engineering,...

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Occupancy detectors for KNX/EIB-BUS applications 88 PD3 PD4 PD4 PD4-M-DUO-DIM PD3 PD4-M-DUO-DIM B.E.G. LUXOMAT ® for saving energy in buildings three target values: Two LL N L N' 98 target values are regulated (specified in Lux) and one target value is a fixed 70 98 setpoint (specified in %) start to slowly switch on the lighting to the target value - NEW: LPermanent dimmer (light control LL N' L N' LL N' N' that isLnot dependent on presence) 98 98 - Slave mode values can be changed using a communication object. - tandard mode (semi-automatic or S fully automatic mode (switching)) PD4-M-GH - Semi-automatic...

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Occupancy detectors for KNX/EIB-BUS applications B.E.G. LUXOMAT ® PD4-M-DUO-DIM for saving energy in buildings PD4 seated across towards 15 Product information Occupancy and motion detectors -25°C to +55°C Housing UV- and shockresistant Polycarbonate for integration in KNX/EIB-BUS systems the device and software version. 97 97 Walking towards Walking across Seated activity Accessory (optional) PD4-M-GH Socket IP54 Wire basket detector LUXOMAT ® PD4DIM-KNX/EIB for building services engineering, which based on KNX/EIBBUS-network (European Installation Bus) examples: monitoring of large areas like...

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OCCUPANCY DETECTORS FOR KNX/EIB-BUS APPLICATIONS FOR SAVING ENERGY IN BUILDINGS TECHNICAL DATA resistant Polycarbonate KNX/EIB-BUS systems ► Before programming, please note the device and software version. ACCESSORY (OPTIONAL) Wire basket ■ Occupancy detector LUXOMAT® PD4- DIM-KNX/EIB-GH-SM (surface mounting version) for building services engineering, which based on KNX/EIB-BUS-network monitoring of warehouses, high-bay storages, wherever at a great mounting Application possibilities: ■ With integrated bus coupler! Connection via WAGO standard bus connector application program, four different operating...

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