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Catalogue excerpts


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trans form INNO VATE with A.Barbosa a company with more than 25 years old, owns a vast know-how, devotes its activity to wood processing. Our own areas of sawing, drying and storage, allow us to insure all processes of wood, from the raw material to the most elaborate and complex final products. Among our products we select: - Wood Flooring (indoor and outdoor); - Wall Coatings; - Door system; - Beams; - etc. Entreprise A.Barbosa une société plus de 25 ans, avec un vaste knowhow consacré son activité à la transformation du bois. Nos avons nos propres installations de sciage, séchage et de stockage,...

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trans form INNO VATE with Company | Entreprise | Empresa 03 Larch | Mélèze | Riga nova 08 Pachylova | Pachylova | Afzélia Pachylova 10 Iroko | Iroko | Iroko 12 Iroko | Iroko | Iroko 16 Sucupira | Sucupira | Sucupira 18 Walnut/Maple | Noyer/Érable | Nogueira/Maple 20 Antique Pitch Pine | Riga Vieux | Riga Velha 24 AbCut - Long | AbCut - Long | AbCut - Long 26 AbCut - Intense | AbCut - Intense | AbCut - Intenso 28 Ipê Decking | Deck Ipê | Deck Ipê 32 Massaranduba | Massaranduba | Massaranduba 34 Tonka/ Afrormosia | Cumaru/ Afrormosia | Cumaru/ Afrormosia 36 Technical Information | Information Techniques...

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Larch solid wood flooring Parquet en Mélèze massif | Soalho maciço de Riga Nova

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Pachylova solid wood flooring Parquet en Pachylova massif | Soalho maciço de Afzélia Pachylova

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Iroko coating and solid wood flooring Parquet massif et revêtement mural en Iroko | Soalho maciço e forro em Iroko

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Iroko solid wood flooring and Oak coating Parquet en Iroko massif et revêtment mural en Chéne | Soalho maciço de Iroko e forro de Carvalho

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Sucupira Lamparquet Lamparquet Sucupira massif | Lamparquet de Sucupira

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Walnut solid wood flooring and Maple solid wood flooring Parquet Noyer massif et parquet Érable massif | Soalho maciço de Nogueira e Maple

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Antique Pitch Pine is a wood that comes from the demolition of century-old buildings. Le Riga Vieux est un matériau issu de démolitions d’édifices centenaires. A Riga Velha é uma madeira proveniente das demolições de edifícios centenários. Pitch Pine is a noble wood, used in building structures for centuries. Nowadays, these centenarian woods are being recovered for flooring and other products, with the commercial name of Antique Pitch Pine. This process of recovery is a very manual and tough work, which requires the removal of nails and other metal materials that are inside the beams, using a...

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Antique Pitch Pine solid wood flooring and coating Parquet massif et revêtement mural en Riga Vieux | Soalho maciço e forro em Riga Velha

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Abcut long - Industrial parquet wenge and AbCut- Industrial parquet smooth Abcut long- parquet Industriel wenge et AbCut- Parquet Industriel doux | Abcut long- parquet industrial wengue e AbCut- parquet industrial suave

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AbCut - Industrial parquet intense AbCut - parquet industriel intense | AbCut - parquet industrial intenso

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Hidden fixation decking Ipê and Pachylova beams Deck en Ipê massif avec fixation dissimulé et poutre en Pachylova | Deck de Ipê fixação invisivel e vigas de Pachylova

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Visible fixation decking Massaranduba and Silver Fir beams Deck en Balata Rouge massif avec fication visible et poutre en Sapin | Deck de massaranduba fixação visivel e vigas de Pinho Abeto

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Cumaru decking hidden and visible fixation, and Afrormosia (boat) Deck Cumaru massif fixation dissimule et visible, Afrormosia (bateau) | Deck de Cumaru fixação invisivel e visivel, Afrormosia (barco)

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Environmental Sustainability Environnement Durable Sustentabilidade Ambiental A.Barbosa is aware that sustainability is directly related to economical and material development without harming the environment, using natural resources wisely so that they could be preserved in the future. Thus, it invests in the exploitation of vegetal resources of forests and woodlands in a controlled way, using FSC or PEFC wood, separating solid waste and reusing the leftovers of raw materials. This way, it manages to decrease its waste and at the same time ensure the development of low-energy products. A.Barbosa...

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doors portes | portas AbBlock - door kit system AbBlock | AbBlock Available in several models, wood veneers, jambs: with wood or plywood. The door kit system is an economic and pratical solution, easy and quick application, supplied with fittings and finishes. The door kit system is composed by: door, jamb, casing, hinges, lock, rubber seal, prefinished with polyurethane varnish, mounted and properly packet in individual box. Disponibles en divers modèles et différents placages bois, encadrement: massif ou en contreplaqué. Une solution pratique et économique, avec une application facile et rapide....

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flushs doors design line portes lisse | portas lisas ligne design | linha design Chestnut Châtaignier | Castanho Agba Tola | Tola Sapele Sapelli | Mogno/Sapelli Beech Hêtre | Faia Flush doors, with the possibility of several coatings and opening for glasses. Portes de face lisse, avec la possiblité d’avoir revêtements et ouvertures pour les vitres. Portas de faces lisas, com possibilidade de vários revestimentos e aberturas para vidros. Other sizes are available upon request. Possibilité d’avoir d’autre dimension sur consultation. Outras dimensões são possíveis sob consulta. 1 1 – Platex | Platex...

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design line ligne design \ linha design Chene I Corvolho Chene I Corvolho classic doors partes classiques \ portas cldssicas Design line Ligne Design | Linha Design Noble coating wood that allows personalize through endless combinations. Revetement de bois noble quis permet la personnalisation grace a une infinite de combinaisons. Revestimento a madeiras nobres que permitem a personalizagao atraves de infinitas combinagoes. Other sizes are available upon request. Possibilite d'avoir d'autre dimension sur consultation. Qutras dimensoes sao possiveis sob consulta. Classic Doors Partes Classiques...

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