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Panorama 2

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There’s a reason why they call it the movies. And it’s not just because of the moving pictures on screen. Cinema also moves you. It transports you to different times, faraway lands and alien worlds. Cinema speaks to us in the language of emotions. Of dreams. Bowers & Wilkins knows all about dreams. Our company was founded on one. Since 1965, John Bowers always dreamed of building the perfect loudspeaker – one that brings sounds to the listener exactly as they were recorded, as they originally sounded. That was our goal almost five decades ago; it remains so to this day. Cinema draws its...

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Ultimate cinema sound This is where Hollywood puts music to movies. This is the control room of Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Sound studio in Marin County, California. It’s one of the most advanced audio production suites in the world and probably the ultimate multi-channel listening environment. Naturally, it uses the world’s ultimate sound system, featuring Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series speakers. For speakers that bring cinematic sound to you as it was meant to be heard, you can trust Bowers & Wilkins. The people who make movies do. The score  Even if you’ve never heard of James Newton Howard,...

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Flat screen, big sound The modern, flatscreen TV is a brilliant piece of electronics engineering, with one small catch. Yes, screens have got bigger, flatter, and picture quality has improved dramatically. It’s now entirely possible to watch stunning cinematic images at home, without a projector or home theatre set-up. But what about the sound? The decision to thin down the TV frame, has forced manufacturers to thin down the speakers – and it’s simply impossible to deliver truly stunning, cinematic sound from a tiny, flat speaker. But, with Panorama 2, we can deliver amazing, cinematic...

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Simplicity, purity “The best speaker isn’t the one that adds the most, it’s the one that takes away the least.” In 1965, John Bowers’ dream for Bowers & Wilkins speakers was that as little as possible should get between the listener and the sound as it was originally recorded. That’s why simplicity and purity have been our hallmarks since day one. But these are not just sonic traits. We believe speakers should also be easy to install and use, and look as simple as possible. So using Panorama 2 is as simple as plugging it in, and features no unnecessary buttons or styling. We don’t want...

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Proximity-sensitive display  The new motion-sensing panel on Panorama 2 only becomes visible when you wave your hand in front of it. Once activated, the colour-coded display shows source and surround sound mode, and allows you to control source, volume and speaker mode. Combined with the new streamlined on-screen display menus, it’s easier than ever to use Panorama 2. Lean back and don’t let anything distract you. The reason the lights dim in a cinema is so you can focus on the screen. With Panorama 2 we don’t want to distract you with pointless blinking lights when you don’t need them. To...

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Experience every detail Every product Bowers & Wilkins has produced has built on our expertise and audio engineering experience. In our dedicated research and development centre in Steyning, West Sussex, known as ‘The University of Sound’, we’re constantly on a quest for ultimate audio quality. Now, the technologies developed at Steyning, found in some of the most demanding recording studios across the world, can also be found in a seemingly simple soundbar. Panorama 2 features cutting-edge components and design features to bring your movies and music to beautiful life in your home....

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New drive units  Panorama 2 features completely upgraded drive units, with dramatically improved acoustic performance – particularly at the low-end. Movies and music on Panorama 2 now sound better than ever, on a product that already set the standard for soundbar audio. Tweeters  Panorama 2 uses aluminium dome Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeters. The elongated shape swallows unwanted noise behind the dome. The same technology is found in our audiophile hi-fi speakers, such as the reference-standard 800 Series Diamond. And the tweeters have now been improved in Panorama 2 for better crossover...

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Owning a great sounding system is one thing. But if you’re passionate about sound, your appreciation needn’t stop there. Get involved, learn more and share your passion with others in Society of Sound. It’s the place to: · Download the freshest and most exciting, super high- quality lossless music, including 24-bit albums, curated by Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios and the London Symphony Orchesta. · behind the scenes with some of the most inspiring Go minds in music: Society of Sound Fellows. · Join the debate and get great tips in the Blogs. Find out more at www.bowers-wilkins

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Integrated A/V Sound System Technical features Nautilus™ tube loaded aluminium dome tweeter Flowport™ Digital Signal Processing Digital amplifier Switch mode power supply Dolby® Digital Dolby PLII DTS™ Stereo AAC-Mpeg2 (Japan Only) Drive units (3.5in) subwoofers (3.0in) midrange (3.0in) surround channels (1in) metal dome tweeter Frequency range Amplifier power output Power input voltage Rated power consumption Standby power consumption 3 x HDMI inputs 1 x  3.5mm Analogue/digital combi 3.5mm mini jack: RS-232 service connector 1 x HDMI output (supporting ARC) Subwoofer pre out (RCA Phono)...

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Nautilus and Flowport are trademarks of B&W Group Ltd. Dolby is trademark of Dolby Laboratories. DTS is a trademark of Digital Theater Systems, Inc. Copyright © B&W Group Ltd. E&OE. Design Thomas Manss & Company. Printed by B&W Group Ltd reserve the right to amend details of the specifications without notice in line with technical developments.

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