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CM Series

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Beautiful sound  With the new CM Series, beauty is so much more than skin deep. Of course, with their clean lines, high-quality finishes and lack of superfluous detail, these are some of the most elegant speakers we’ve ever built. But look beneath the surface, and you’ll find technologies that set new standards for acoustic performance in the home, revealing unprecedented levels of musical detail and nuance for speakers of this class. You won’t believe how beautiful your music can sound. The professionals’ choice In leading recording studios, music that will soon be heard everywhere is...

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Pure and simple  Less is more. That’s been our approach to speaker design from the very beginning. We’ve taken it to new levels with the CM Series. Each speaker is constructed using only a few high quality components, carefully selected after exhaustive listening tests. By leaving out anything unnecessary, we’ve made sure that nothing gets between you and the sound the artist intended you to hear. High-quality crossover For the high-quality crossovers in the CM Series, we’ve used superior Mundorf capacitors across the whole range. When you have components of this quality, there’s simply no...

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Design and craftsmanship  As with a musical instrument, the sound of a speaker depends partly on the quality of its materials, and the care that went into its design and construction. The CM Series’ cabinets are made using high-quality materials such as real wood veneers, while concealed screw fixings preserve a clean, uncluttered façade. These design features aren’t just for show: solid cabinet construction and unbroken surfaces all contribute to a sound that’s free of resonance and reflection. Tweeter protection The new CM Series’ Decoupled Double Dome tweeters are truly worthy of...

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From Hi-Fi stereo to home theatre, and from the largest reception rooms to the smallest home offices – whatever your listening requirements, you’ll be sure to find CM Series speakers to suit. With three standmounters, three floorstanders, two centre speakers and a subwoofer in the range, it’s the most comprehensive collection we’ve yet prod

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CM10 S2  The CM Series’ flagship floorstanding speaker is capable of filling even the largest rooms with stunningly detailed, realistic sound. That’s down to a drive unit configuration featuring three 165mm bass drivers, a decoupled FST™ midrange and studio-grade acoustic technology in the form of a tweeter-on-top design. Tweeter-on-top CM10 S2’s tweeter is positioned on top of the speaker and separated from the main body of the cabinet: an audiophile feature also seen in our flagship 800 Series D

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CM9 S2  CM9 S2 delivers a supremely well-integrated sound, and is capable of filling the largest of listening rooms with a coherent, insightful performance. It is a speaker with wonderful power, presence and naturalness, thanks to its two large bass units, FST midrange and Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. It is also just as much at home as the front speakers in a breathtaking home theatre system.

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CM8 S2  CM8 S2 is the most room-friendly floorstander in the range: a speaker with a slimmed-down profile designed to fit comfortably into most living rooms. Despite its leaner proportions, the CM8 S2 delivers amazing clarity, detail and realism due to technologies it shares with its larger siblings, such as an FST midrange and Decoupled Double Dome tweeter.

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CM6 S2  The top-performing standmounted speaker in the range has a distinctive audiophile feature in common with CM10 S2: the tweeter-on-top design. Combined with a 165mm midrange/bass driver, the result is amazingly lifelike imaging and spaciousness from a speaker of its class.

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CM5 S2  CM5 S2 is a traditionally sized standmounted speaker delivering a sound that’s anything but conventional. Its large midrange/bass driver is ably supported by a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter, capable of revealing layers of pin-sharp musical detail

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CM1 S2  The original CM speaker is back, and now it’s better than ever. The classic CM1 S2 now comes with updated acoustic technologies that raise the bar for sonic performance, together with the same high quality finishes and materials found in the rest of the range. And all this from a speaker compact enough to fit almost anywhere

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The new CM Series will transform your enjoyment of music, revealing all the depth and detail that ordinary speakers miss. That’s thanks to audiophile design innovations originally pioneered for our flagship 800 Series Diamond reference speakers, combined with new technologies developed especially for the range.

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Treble  Music depends on nuance. The sweep of a brush on a cymbal, the scrape of a plectrum on guitar strings, even the atmosphere of the room in which the performance took place – it’s this kind of detail that gives music a sense of genuine presence and life. To capture these subtleties, we’ve upgraded the design of the tweeters throughout the CM Series. Every speaker in the range now incorporates Decoupled Double Dome tweeters, while for the topof-the-range models we’ve borrowed a feature of our reference speakers: the tweeter-on-top

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Tweeter-on-top CM10 S2 and CM6 S2 speakers come with a tweeter-on-top design – a feature shared with our most advanced reference speaker range, the 800 Series Diamond. Isolating the tweeter in this way aids imaging and dispersion, creating a more lifelike sound and an improved sense of space. Decoupled Double Dome tweeter Stiff and light, aluminium is an ideal material for tweeter domes. But the Decoupled Double Dome design of the CM Series’ tweeters pushes the performance of aluminium to new heights. The tweeter assembly floats within a ring of gel, isolating it from the main cabinet and...

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Midrange  Conveying the emotion in a vocal performance demands the right kind of midrange cone material, with the ideal balance of stiffness and flexibility. Step forward Kevlar . It’s resistant to bullets, and just as good at stopping distorting resonances dead in their tracks. Combine it with high-end technological refinements like decoupled drive units and FST, and you’ve got a midrange that’s anything but middle of the ro

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