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Design On Stage - News Catalogue 2017 - 50 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

SAKé 4, Formiche 12, Bolt Table 26, Jens 32, Alex 38, Eucalipto 46, Harbor 52, Madison 58, Richard 60, Metropolitan ’14 60, Tobi - Ishi Outdoor 64.

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Design on stage. B&B Italia takes Design to the stage. In the scene the project becomes the show while products serve as the characters, embodying the generative insight from which they were created and perfected. The stage is conceived as a neutral zone where the atmosphere grows dim and the spotlight illuminates the silent dialogue between man and objects. In each close-up, shapes unveil the mastery and expertise with which they came to exist. Just like theatre, design makes us ponder on immortal issues such as the secret dynamics that lead this very project. Just like theatre, design makes...

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This design comes from the search for lightness. A technological platform, magically suspended in the air like a flying carpet(...). Questo progetto nasce all’insegna della leggerezza. Una piattaforma tecnologica, sospesa nell’aria, magica come un tappeto volante (...).

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page / pagina 5: SAKe - modular sofa / divano componibile SK231TAD 'cover rivestimento. Silente 2350102 page / pagina 6-7: SAKe - modular sofa / divano componibile SK196TD - SK196TS cover / rivestimento Silente 2350102 SAKe - ottoman / pouf SK122PQ cover / rivestimento Lise,;, 2552335 Formiche - small tables / tavolini FR42 white Calacatta porcelain stoneware 0301B gres. p-oicellanato bianco Calacatta 0301B FR62 transparent extra light glass 0200T vetro extra light trasparente 0200T Mart - armchair / poltrona MPRN_1 coeer rivestimento Kasia 1227360 page / pagina 10-11: SAKe - modular sofa / divano...

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Lightness and simplicity distinguish Formiche (Ants in English) complements. The slender supporting structure (making reference to the name), with its shape and finishing, picks up the theme of the legs in the sofa system. The rounded support of pewter-painted steel is connected by cross-bars to support the tops in different shapes, round, oval, or “kidney bean.” Various shapes and heights make it possible to compose different configuration. The tops themselves, made of transparent extra light glass, brushed light oak, metal with titanium finish, or porcelain stoneware, white Calacatta or grey...

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“This design comes from the search for lightness. A technological platform, magically suspended in the air like a flying carpet, with cushions added to enclose the borders, and finally, legs to ground it. This is the basic idea of the SAKe collection, made up of pieces for seating and sleeping, designed in a simple contemporary language, connected with my proportions. I liked the idea of following in the wake of B&B Italia, of modernity. For me, SAKe is a platform on which to float in peace. But it is also a sofa...” Piero Lissoni SAKe signals the beginning of Piero Lissoni’s collaboration with...

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page .■ pagina 20-21: SAKe - sofa bed / divano-letto LSK223S - LSK223D cover / rivestimento Levico 2553251 LSK_F sheet for sofa bed lenzuolo per divano-letto Aloe 21 28221 page / pagina 23: SAKe - sofa / divano SK214C cover / rivestimento Ego. 2123203 opposite page / accanto: SAKe - sofa / divano SK272C cover / rivestimento Kora 1228327

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A table is not always just a table; sometimes it is more: for example, a table “with a view”. Almost hypnotic. Un tavolo non e sempre solo un tavolo, a volte e qualcosa in piu, per esempio un tavolo con vista. Quasi ipnotica. Mario Bellini

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“A table is not always just a table; sometimes it is more: for example, a table “with a view.” Almost hypnotic. How did it start? I crossed three profiled elements at right angles - as is often done in architecture - and I connected them in sequence, each with a strong bolt. Aside from wood, the material I have used up to now in creating my tables, this time, I wanted to test myself with its opposite: iron. Tables have always been my great passion: central furnishings of our daily lives, but also of our work, as well as the site of convivial, administrative, political, ritual and symbolic occasions.” Mario...

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A memor  y chair that takes you back to the 1950’s, made by numerically controlled machinery. Una sedia della memoria, che rimanda agli anni cinquanta, realizzata con macchine a controllo numerico.

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“A memory chair that takes you back to the 1950’s, made by numerically controlled machinery. A wooden structure in forms that work on five axes, combined with visible, seamless leather supported by the structure. This design recalls several historic models: from the nineteenth century “shaker” chairs to the 1950’s -style chairs, all the way back to memories of the Ming dynasty.” Antonio Citterio Antonio Citterio reinterprets the classic design of Chinese chairs in a contemporary way, rediscover the craftsmanship of turned and curved wood, added to leather to make seats and backs that enhance the...

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A simple but strong shape in which the colour of the finishing becomes a design matched by sophisticated wooden tops with curved edges made through veneer press technology. Una forma semplice ma forte, dove il colore della finitura diventa un disegno, accostata a sofisticati piani in legno con bordo curvo realizzati tramite la tecnologia delle presse a telo.

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“A table with a modular base, a simple but strong shape, in which the colour of the finishing becomes a design, matched by sophisticated wooden tops with curved edges made through veneer press technology.” Antonio Citterio Alex is the new series of tables in various sizes, distinguished by the pronounced design of the sectional structures in large, lenticular shapes. Three shapes and different sizes: rectangular in three lengths (230, 280 and 340 cm and width of 110 cm), round (diameter cm 180) and square (cm 160). The “sawhorse” structure connected with the cross-bars is made of rigid polyurethane...

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