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Retail Ceiling Guide - 3 / 8 Pages

Installing Ceiling Tiles and Planks Installing 2x 2Դ and 2x 4Դ Ceiling Panels

Armstrong ceiling tiles and planks can be installeddirectly to an existing ceiling.There are several
installation methods available: Its easy to install ceiling panels using ArmstrongSuspended Ceiling Grid Kits.Each kit contains all the
materials youҒll need to install 64 square feet of ceiling.
Main beams,cross tees and wall moldings are also
available individually. Easy Up >
Ceiling Installation Kit Each kit contains all the materials youΒll need to install
40 square feet of ceiling tile or plank or one and a half
29 square foot cartonsof WoodHaven >
LaminateCeiling Planks.Installations using kits require
50 percent less nailing than furring strips. 2ٴx 2 Kit ԖItem #6357WH2x 4Դ Kit Item #6355WH Easy Up Installation Kit ֖ Item #6352Suspended CeilingInstallation Kits 1 >
Install wall molding.Suspend hanger wires and main beams. Adhesive Armstrong ceiling tiles can be cemented directlyto an existing ceiling that is in good condition. Furring Strips 1 2 3 >
Attach tracks withnails or screws. Position tiles. Slide tiles into place. Armstrong ceiling tiles can be stapled to kiln-driedwood furring strips placed in rows 12֋ apart. Installing WoodHaven Planks 2 >
Install cross tees. Our beautiful prefinished laminate planks install ina breeze.With specially designed installation clips and
screws that are included right in the plank package,
they install right to exposed joists or furring strips.
It doesnݒt get much easier than that! 3 >
Drop in ceiling panels. size="-1">

Retail Ceiling Guide
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    the art of THECEILING > . RETAIL CEILING GUIDE size="-1">
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    Getting Started Step Two: Choose your ceiling style Armstrong offers many decorative options and specialfeatures in tile,plank and panel ceilings,so...
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    Estimating How Many Cartons Youll Need Finishing Techniques With Armstrong,estimating how much ceiling productyou need is also a snap. The incredible versatility...
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    Accent-uate the Positive To achieve the look of wood without theexpense You can also add some personality to a new roomor freshen up an existing ceiling...
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    Frequently Asked Questions What are Armstrong ceilings made of? Where can Armstrong ceilings be used? Armstrong mineral board ceilings are made of inert...
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    D ECORATIVE C EILINGS For your home 12˝ x 12˝ TILES Install directly to existing ceiling 5˝ x 84˝ LAMINATE CEILING PLANKS...
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    C ONTRACTOR C EILINGS For your business 24˝ x 24˝ PANELS Install with grid o ise reduction coefficienting attenuation class (CAC),...
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