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Whether building a new space or renovating an existing space, an Armstrong Metallaire ceiling will be the crowning touch. The final detail that makes your room uniquely memorable. Make a bold and contemporary design statement. Or create a quiet
ambiance with subtle and sophisticated patterns evoking the essence of another time.

Small Panels* Fans* Small Floral Circle* Vine*

5422204 Nail Up5424204 Lay In 5422207 Nail Up
5424207 Lay In 5422209 Nail Up
5424209 Lay In 5422210 Nail Up
5424210 Lay In >

Medallion* Large Floral Circle Medium Panels Hammered Trefoil

5422234 Nail Up
5424234 Lay In 5422309 Nail Up
5424309 Lay In 5422320 Nail Up
5424320 Lay In 5422321 Nail Up
5424321 Lay In >

Wreath Bead Large Panel Hammered Border

5422503 Nail Up
5424503 Lay In 5422504 Nail Up
5424504 Lay In 5422505 Nail Up
5424505 Lay In 5422509 Nail Up
5424509 Lay In >

Installation may require filler panels around edge of room. Order 5424235__ for filler panels. Nail-up installation styles available in 2 ' x 4 ' . Grid installation styles available in 2 ' x 2 ' . *Backsplash available in 18.5'' x 4 8.5'' Stainless Steel finish only. Metallaire Finishes

Metallaire is available in five finishes. Choose one that complements thespace's existing color and architectural features. Or choose a finish that
will be the focus of all remaining color choices in your space.

AR - BrassNA - Steel AM - ChromeWH - White CP - Copper

Metallaire Ceilings
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    the art of THE CEILING. Metal >TM DECORATIVE CEILINGS laire >
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    Wreath 5422503CP - CopperHammered Border 5422509AR - BrassVine 5422210NA - Stainless Steel > Captureturn-of-the-century ambience withauthentic reproductions...
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    Intricate details from the late19 >th Century original metal ceilings have been duplicated in our historic collection. Twelve traditional patterns capture...
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    Backsplash Not to be relegated to the ceiling alone,Metallaire TM can be creatively integrated into a variety of decorating schemes. It is not only...
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    With Armstrong TM Decorative Ceilings and HomeStyle Ceilings, its easy to add your own special touch to every room. After all, your home is a reflection...
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