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Press Release
We offer total innovation!
Due to its vast experience
and knowledge in this area,
ARC Technology now gives
you the tool to easily obtain
your building permits using
its impressive rendering
engine. Insert your projects
in their future context to
convince your clients and
change the materials easily
and quickly.
Already present in more than 30 countries,
ARC+ has become a benchmark for 3D technology.
With its new product, ARC+ 2011, it establishes
the conception of 3D design in a much more
intuitive and qualitative way: new possibilities
adapted to the expectations of architects
and designers combined with an easy to use
philosophy and very powerful real time rendering.
These are the main advantages of the new
product from ARC Technology.
With more than 3 million users globally, Lightworks
is the leader in 3D rendering and now
ARC+ users will benefit from its know-how.
Salvo Barbera, Director of development of ARC+
explains: “We chose to work with
Lightworks because we wanted to give our users
the best possible product. We are delighted
with the results from our partnership which have
ARC+ 2011 was conceptualized and elaborated
on more than 4 years of work in order to
make this software highly capable to satisfy the
needs of its creative users. Whether you are an
independent interior decorator or an architect
in a big firm, this product will revolutionize the
way you work and even more the way you communicate
with your clients.
ARC Technology and
Lightworks partnering for
your benefit
New 3D Technology
within your reach
exceeded all our initial expectations and those
of our customers too. The Lightworks support
team has been a great help with the integration
of Lightworks within ARC+ and we look forward
to working with them in the years to come.” For
Dave Forrester, Lightworks’ CEO, “We’re delighted
by the release of the new ARC+ software
and to see Lightworks being used in an exciting
way within this application.
ARC Technology has implemented some very
innovative features which we believe will make
a real difference to their customers’ rendering

Press Release
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    The first users haven’t stopped praising. Accordingto Stephane Dussol, distributor and trainerof ARC+ 2011, the professionals are very satisfiedand...
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