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Industrial Profiles

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Company Profile Building excellence every day At ALUMIL we are building excellence every day. Through our modern production facilities and strict quality controls along the entire production line, we ensure the creation of superior products of high added value. With more than 30 years of experience and 2.200 employees, we are one of the most advanced companies globally in the design and production of aluminium profiles and architectural aluminium systems, owning state-of-the art production plants in our 12 factories in Europe. Our extensive network of subsidiaries across the globe, the...

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Extrusion & Machining INDUSTRIAL PROFILES 100.000 tons of aluminium extrusion 75.000 tons of powder coating 22.000 tons of anodized aluminium 30.500 tons of thermally insulated profiles 950.000 m2 aluminium composite panels 2.000.000 m2 polycarbonate sheets 10.000.000 m polyamide profiles Capable of everything Last but not least, in ALUMIL's industrial sites are operating: / Multiple CNC lines, bending machines, cutting saws, drilling machines / Accessories assembling lines / Automated packaging lines / Polyamide & PVC extrusion lines / Solar truss assembly line / Polishing machines & sand...

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Transform your idea into an exceptional product One of ALUMIL's greatest assets is its people and the high level of service it provides at all times. With us you get cutting-edge aluminium products, as well as top-notch services. ALUMIL offers: / A powerful presence in the European market, with service points staffed by experienced and technically qualified consultant engineers, always at the customer's service he or she may need. / A back-office staffed with experienced engineers, always ready to advise at the design phase, recommend and find solutions at all stages of the process and for...

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Extrusion & Machining INDUSTRIAL PROFILES State-of-the-art 3D printing services For even greater customer convenience at the new product development stage, we can offer profile sampling through the cuttingedge 3-D printing workshop on our premises through: / Checking that the designed profile is compatible with other profiles and components / Printing of 3-D objects up to 300 x 300 mm and with a maximum height of 450 mm / Dimensional precision of +/- 0.3 mm / Printing on PLA, a biodegradable, environmentally-friendly material

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Quality Assurance Quality Control In its effort to provide well-constructed, perfectly functional products, ALUMIL makes sure that it supports each production stage with the most advanced Quality Control methods. Specifically: / In each production section, procedures are applied based on the very latest quality certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS). / Continuous renewing of measuring instruments and calibration of all control configurations – sensors. / Statistical analysis and traceability of data from every quality control point. / Quality assurance of alloy – certification of...

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Extrusion & Machining INDUSTRIAL PROFILES Production certificates C€NF SEASIDE CLASS QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM In accordance to International standard ISO 9001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM In accordance to International standard EN ISO 14001 HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM In accordance to national standard ELOT 1801 FPC - FACTORY PRODUCTION CONTROL with full trace ability Systems CE marking In aluminium profiles for use in load-bearing structures NF Certification from the CSTB for thermally insulated profiles QUALICOAT CERTIFICATE (Aluminium Profile Paint Quality Certificate) GSB -...

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Why aluminium? Aluminium is a metal with excellent mechanical properties, and has introduced a revolution to many technological fields. Though much lighter than other metals, it possesses very high mechanical strength, which is the reason why it is so much used in the very demanding area of aeronautics. Furthermore, it is very resilient to various forms of corrosion and entails minimal maintenance costs. Aluminium is also the 3rd most common element existing around the world's crust. It is a 'green' material which can be recycled an infinite number of times while retaining its...

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Extrusion & Machining INDUSTRIAL PROFILES Joining Aluminium can be joined using all the normal methods available such as welding, soldering, adhesive bonding and riveting. Corrosion resistance A thin layer of oxide is formed in contact with air, which provides very good protection against corrosion, even in corrosive environments. This layer can be further strengthened by surface treatment such as anodising or powder coating. Conductivity The thermal and electrical conductivities are very good, even when compared to copper. Furthermore, an aluminium conductor weighs half that of an...

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Industrial aluminium profiles ALUMIL produces industrial aluminium profiles upon request and offers advanced solutions to various industry sectors such as Constructions, Transport, Engineering, Automotive Industry, Electrical Applications etc. Our industrial profiles Business Unit. guarantees high quality products with: / Precision in size / Smooth, polished and flat surfaces / High quality coatings / High quality anodization / Precise mechanical processing of aluminium profiles and special cuttings / Certifications according to ISO Standards

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Extrusion & Machining INDUSTRIAL PROFILES ALUMIL mainly implements aluminium of the 6000 Series which incorporates properties that are ideal for extensive processing. Our R&D department with highly specialized teams of engineers, which are responsible for the design, the development and the integration of the products into the production process, will satisfy even the most demanding clients. The highly specialized know-how and the unparalleled production potential of ALUMIL's Industrial Profile Business Unit, lead to an enormous product range of various applications: / Automotive industry...

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