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Architectural Brochure

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prismatic ALPOLIC Prismatic finishes combine our advanced Lumiflon (FEVE) technology with specialized ® pigments to create unique colors and effects. The resulting finishes stand out beautifully, bringing 3-dimensional depth to your 2-dimensional surface. ALPOLIC Prismatic finishes are perfect for ® making a dazzling creative statement with your corporate colors, or adding beautiful saturations of color and dramatic contrast to your architecture. Like our other aluminum and metal composite materials, ALPOLIC Prismatic finishes provide the rigidity of heavy-gauge sheet metal at a fraction ®...

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stock & custom colors Picture your next project in the bright, clean colors and designs that only ALPOLIC lightweight ® aluminum composite material (ACM) panels can achieve. From Off White and Aluminum Grey to rich Metallics, our colors are always available in 4mm thickness and in various standard widths. ALPOLIC uses Lumiflon (FEVE) fluoropolymer resin as the standard for both stock and ® pre-formulated color paint finishes, delivering superior durability, weatherability, and chemical resistance. Metallic SMX Silver F EDERAL G OVERNMENT A DMINISTRATIVE C ENTER P UTRA J AYA , M AL AYSIA...

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frLT Offering lightness, fire resistance and a wide palette of available colors and finishes, ALPOLIC /frLT ® is the new ACM of choice for indoor applications. This material of the future enables architects and designers to exceed fire safety standards while achieving sweeping designs and startling new effects. It’s perfect for use on interior walls, ceilings, columns, partitions and displays in shops, offices and factories. ALPOLIC /frLT is also a good choice for light outdoor applications, including soffits, awnings, parapets ® and signs. With ALPOLIC /frLT, we exceed all standards and...

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ntroducing ALPOLICVHD aluminum composite materials. These panels are manufactured with either a polyethylene or minera filled fire resistant core. This product is produced with 0.032" top and bottom aluminum skins for added rigidity and strength. Any of our fluoropolymer paint finishes including solid, mica, metallic, and prismatic can be applied. ALPOLICVHD panels provide additional yield and tensile strength vs. standard ALPOLICs panels along with over 5 times the flexural elasticity strength. For applications requiring heavy duty strength and exterior performance, ALPOLICVHD panels are...

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Examples of attachment systems ALPOLIC aluminum and metal composite materials have a track record second to none when it comes to the ® architect/fabricator relationship. The product of their teamwork has produced countless examples of cutting edge architecture that offers solutions to accomodate innovative “outside of the box” design applications. Sample cladding systems and their attachment methods are represented by the illustrations below.

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What are the advantages of using ALPOLIC in your design project? ® Pro duct P r o pert ies – A L POL IC Aluminum and Metal R A NGE OF P RODUCTS – A L P O L IC offers you a variety Composite Materials (ACM & MCM) feature such attributes as superior of distinct, durable and diverse product lines: flatness, vibration dampening, durability and ease of maintenance. • ALPOLIC : standard PE core in a myriad of coil-coated finishes Both are produced by continuously bonding two thin sheets of • ALPOLIC /fr: fire resistant core for architectural applications aluminum or metal on either side of an...

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ALPOLIC & ALPOLIC /fr Fire Performance ® ALPOLIC ( standard) with polyethylene core has been tested by independent testing laboratories using the following thermoplastic core has been tested by independent testing nationally recognized fire tests. laboratories using the following nationally recognized fire tests. Flame spread NFPA 2 8 5 intermediate scale multi-story apparatus test: CODE E VA LU ATION REPORTS : CODE E VA L U ATION RE P ORTS : * Downloads available on our website 5. Florida Building Code 5. Florida Building Code * Downloads available on our website For additional...

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