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OVEN FUNCTIONS This symbol represents the number of ovenfunctions. FAN CONTROLLEDDEFROSTING SPEEDCOOK Prevents theneed to preheat the oven- it is brought to full temperaturealmost immediately. This time-saving feature is ideal for cooking
convenience foods. DIGITAL TOUCH CONTROLS Easyto use, highly responsive touch
controls which give precise controlof all the ovens functions. 24 HOUR ELECTRONIC CLOCK,MINUTE MINDER AND FULLY
PROGRAMMABLE TIMER OVEN ILLUMINATION A selectionof either Halogen, 40W or 25W
lighting is available in all ovens, foreasy viewing of what is cooking. COOKING ACCESSORIESMEAT PAN Full width for thelargest cuts of meat. VIGOROUS STEAM The steam generator works with a fixedtemperature at 96ҰC, to deliver a constant flow of steam.Ideal for vegetables, rice and fish, it ensures that all the vitamins and
nutrients are retained. A hygienic and gentle way to
defrost food. Suitable for even
delicate items such as cream cakes,this defrost circulates roomtemperature air around the food
slowly, defrosting it in less than Alutec Scratch res : This latest finish fromAEG-Electrolux takes the style and
elegance of stainless steel one stagefurther. AluTecή is a distinctivepearl blasted aluminium finish,
which perfectly compliments all
types of kitchen furniture. i stant: AluTec surfacesare specifically treated to make
them highly resistant to scratches,
marks and corrosion. Exceptional
durability ensures that they retain
their good look in the busiest
kitchen environment. The oven can be programmed to
switch on and begin cooking and
then switch off after a setduration, also sounding an alarmwhen the cooking is completed.
Enables forward planning, and
gives full control over cooking. Conven i ent clean i ng: AluTecή isexceptionally easy to keep clean.
Even abrasive cleaning detergents
can safely be used without leaving
marks on the surface and it is
fingerprint-proof. GRILL PAN AND HANDLE All ovensare supplied with a grill pan &
handle*. INTERVAL STEAM This unique feature alternates steam and fancooking with 25% steam and 75% hot air. Food is crisp onthe outside and moist and succulent on the inside, so it looks andtastes better. Ideal for roasting, baking and complete meal cooking. HOT AIR FAN BAKING PIZZA STONE For authentic stonebaked pizzas. >
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2 the usual time. The base element and thefan work together to provide the
GRILL BAKING SHELF Full width formaximum cooking space. Avantgarde is the latest inintelligent digital technology,
designed to take the guesswork
out of cooking. With a host ofadvanced features, Avantgardeovens will automatically make
recommendations to help achieve
perfect cooking results. COUNT UP TIMER Lets you knowhow long the oven has been on,
cutting out the guesswork. Uses the inner andouter part of the grill element, to
provide full width even grilling,ideal for large portions. INTERVAL PLUS Alternates between steam and air using 50% steam and50% hot air. Food doesnt dry out, and the quality is maintained, makingit ideal for foods with a high moisture content or for reheating foods. TEMPERATURE PROBE TELESCOPIC SHELF RUNNERS Simply place the probeinto the meat and use the manual
to select the correct internaltemperature. When the tip of theprobe reaches this temperature,
the oven switches off. It takes theguesswork out of cooking andensures meat is never under or
overcooked. Additional accessory which enables
baking shelves and wire shelves
to be pulled out fully. They glide
out effortlessly with a smooth
rolling action. RESIDUAL HEAT INDICATION Indicates the level of heat in the
oven after it has been switched off.
Can also be used as an energy-
saving method to keep food warm
with residual cooking heat. VENTITHERMҮ The fan gently circulates hot air throughout theoven to give an even temperature. Ventitherm ensures notransfer of flavours so you can cook sweet and savoury dishes together.It is also a very economical and time-efficient cooking system, as it doesnot require preheating for most dishes. VARIABLE ECONOMY GRILL Uses only the inner part ofthe grill element, ideal for smaller
portions such as 4 slices of toast.The heat is controllable and usingone element saves energy. LCD FULLY ELECTRONIC DISPLAY SAFETY FEATURESISOFRONTή & ISOFRONT PLUS Interactive Digital Cooking. The
LCD display provides constant
information ensuring complete
control of the cooking process.
It recommends the ideal cookingtemperature and when thetemperature has been reached,
shows how long the oven has been
on for and displays the current
function selected. CONTROLS VENTITHERMή PRECISION Ventitherm Precision is the ultimatein fan cooking. The fan gently circulates hot air around the ovento give an even temperature throughout. The ring element and top and
bottom elements are also electronically controlled for precise heatmanagement. This precise heat distribution and temperature controlgives perfect cooking results and is ideal for cooking dishes like soufflΩs. Ventitherm Precision also allows a greater range of cooking temperaturesfrom 30κC to 300C, ideal for everything from proving bread tobrowning crڨme brulees. D i g i tal touch controls: Veryprecise, easy to use and straight-
forward to clean The oven doors are either double,triple or quadruple glazed - these
multilayered glass panes with a
heat reflective coating keeping the
heat in the oven and the door
cooler. FAST GRILL Heats up in lessthan 5 seconds. It is 20times faster than a conventionalgrill, reduces grilling time by up to
50% with a 60% improvement in
energy efficiency, compared to astandard grill element. KEEP WARM Heat fromthe top and bottomelements are used to maintain atemperature of 80C, ideal for
keeping food warm until ready to
serve without drying the food out. D i g i tal push button: Accurate andeasy to use D i g i tal rotary: Easy to use, withLED illumination ENERGY RATING All Electric Ovensmust now declare their energy
rating. All AEG-Electrolux ovens are
either A or B rated, for excellent
economy. Retractable rotary: Provides aflush finish for easy cleaning AUTO SAFETY SWITCH OFF Forpeace of mind, the oven
automatically switches off when
it is left on for too long (time and
temperature dependant). Standard rotary controls: Easy touse BASE HEAT FINISHING LED DIGITAL DISPLAY Menu GuidedTemperature Control. The LED
display makes programme selection
easy by recommending the ideal
cooking temperature and advising
when the temperature has beenreached. ROTITHERM ROASTING Heat from the bottomelement only. Perfect for reheatingpies and pastries as it keeps thepastry crisp. It can also be used to
slow cook. Heat is directed from thetop element to the surface of thefood while the fan circulates heataround the oven. This clever
setting gives the perfect authenticspit roast effect for meat, poultryand roasting potatoes; all the
benefits of a rotisserie without
the mess. CHILD LOCK Oven controls can belocked to prevent misuse.*Excludes B81394 & B98204 TOP HEAT BROWNING Agentle heat from the topelement only, ideal for browninglasagne or shepherdВs pie. >



CONVENTIONAL COOKING SLOW COOK Uses lowtemperature to gentlycook. Ideal for casseroles & joints. HEAT ACTIVATED CATALYTIC CLEANING The catalytic cleaning methodabsorbs the grease from cooking and with regular heating to 220Cthe grease residue is brought to the surface to be easily cleaned away. Heat from the top andbottom elements providetraditional cooking with zonedheat. Ideal for baking bread and
cakes, as the oven becomes hotterat the top. >

PyroluxeЮ clean i ng

Cleans the oven by heating up to500C and burning off the most
stubborn cooking residues, leavingonly ash to simply wipe away witha damp cloth when the oven has
cooled. The door locks for safety
at 300кC and with the quadrupleglazed door reducing surface temperatures, the oven door is safe totouch even at 500C. PyroluxeЮ has light, normal and heavy options
and keeps your oven hygienically clean without using chemicals andcosts less than most household oven cleaners. MULTIFUNCTION AEG-Electrolux Multifunctionovens combine fan cooking with
conventional cooking, giving up to
10 cooking tailored functions forexceptional cooking versatility. DIAMOND GLAZED ENAMEL INTERIOR Ultra smooth enamel interiormaking cleaning easier. FULL GLASS INNER DOOR WITH REMOVABLE PANES All AEG-Electroluxsingle and double in-column ovens have removable glass panes making
cleaning easy. All ovens feature full glass inner doors with no dirt traps. PIZZA SETTING The baseelement crisps the pizzabase, leaving the topping perfectlycooked. This feature is also idea
for quiches and flans. FOLD DOWN GRILL Folds down to enable oven roof to be cleaned easily. >

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