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Catalogue excerpts

Seamless A1 Mesh STRONGMAILE SECURITY SCREEN SYSTEMS PHONE // +64 4 473 4989 FAX // +64 4 471 4640 www.kaynemaile.com skype // kaynemailek

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EVENTS CENTRE // NEW ZEALAND 1 / Security curtains or screens 2 / Any width, any height..fully mechanized 5 / Self supporting over 50 metrEs 3 / One person deployment 2 4 / Unrestricted airflow 6 / Ultra lightweight & durable All rights reserved ©2012

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04 strongMAILE™ SECURITY SCREEN SYSTEMS Strongmaile security screens are ideal for shop-front security screening in airports, malls, retail stores, restaurants & bars. Cost Effective // Colours // Strongmaile security systems are ideal for shop-front security screening, where a medium level of deterrent screening is required. Our polycarbonate seamless mesh screens are lighter, making them easier to install, and requiring less structural support, saving time and money. Strongmaile gives a high level of visibility compared with other security screens, so merchandise can be seen even when the screen...

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strongMAILE security Strongmaile Folding Screen // Custom Rigid Framed Folding / Sliding Screens // Based on our Spacemaile folding screen, the Strongmaile screens provide an added level of security, while maintaining a light, transparent feel. Our rigid-framed folding or sliding screens are ideally suited for larger openings and high studs. Strongmaile utilises a tensioned bottom cable system, eliminating the need for unsightly bottom rails or tracks on the floor. Intermittent floor-mounted dust caps are all that are required. Screens have a stack ratio of around 10%, less than almost any other...

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1 2 AIRPORT TOWER / DUTY FREE STORE // Christchurch // New Zealand 1. Application // Christchurch Airport Tower / A 50-metre-long spiral vortex feature for the exterior of the control tower, attached using the 3-piece aluminium track system. Seamless mesh offered faster installation, required less structural support due to its lower wind loading and no risk of potential rusting, making it the most economical solution. All rights reserved ©2012 2. Application // Christchurch Airport Duty Free Stores / Customised Strongmaile rigid-framed deterrent screens in Pewter mesh. Several manually operated...

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Clients We Work With // Architectural & Interior Design Applications // »» Air NZ – Custom design/kiosks and spatial dividers »» Operable Strongmaile security systems »» Antarctic Centre – Strongmaile security system »» Aesthetic Spacemaile screens »» ANZ Bank – 60 point of sale glass wall privacy screens, and feature display console »» Functional curtains – Spacemaile folding screen »» Ballantynes KML – Strongmaile security system »» Bayer material science – Spacemaile screens, bar and trade stand »» Best Western Hotel/Restaurant – Spacemaile spatial division »» Christchurch Civic buildings –...

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100% recyclable with a nil waste manufacturing process – cradle to cradle. – Kaynemaile All rights reserved ©2012 7

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www.kaynemaile.com Printed on 100% sustainable paper.

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