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Kaynemaile Mesh Brochure - 48 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

2013 Product Brochure and Pricing Guide Seamless Mesh

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illHMMII IMMII li.li MMiiliMIIHMII Spacemaile interiors form and function.

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4 Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile™ 25 Mesh Performance and Specifications 41 Ordering Your Solution 43 2013 Retail Price Guide DESIGNPREIS award gold certified Please recycle this material after use. This material has been printed using vegetable oil-based/mineral oil-free inks. Printed on paper sourced from sustainable forests. Kaynemaile All Rights Reserved © 2013

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Kaynemaile™ Limited Welcome to the 2013 Product Brochure. Over many years, we have listened to our clients’ requests, feedback and experiences, and as a result we are now proud to offer our future clients and customers the following complete solutions. For detailed information about Kaynemaile and our experience, visit our website kaynemaile.com Kaynemaile Ltd is made up of technical experts who develop, manufacture and install Architectural Mesh solutions. Our team disciplines include registered architects, industrial designers and even commercial film art directors. We can either work closely...

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Kaynemaile manufacturing process. 2

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We supply high-quality solutions to suit any environment, any project of any scale or budget, in any country. With our standard attachment systems installation and specifying is easy. 3 Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile™

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Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile™ Our seamless mesh offers structural performance by using engineering grade polycarbonates, making the mesh suitable for extremely high-wear environments such as schools, airports, bars and public spaces; it has even been tested as a shark net. Material Environmentally considerate The Kaynemaile seamless mesh is based on a traditional European chainmail assembly and produced via a continuous injection moulding process, forming a 3D impact-absorbing structure made up of solid rings with no joins or seams. With only one eighth the embodied energy of equivalent metal...

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Solutions Interiors and exteriors, from office fit-outs through to multi-story façades; award winning Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile can be the modern touch that will make your project stand out without blowing the budget. With the ability to produce unlimited sheet dimensions we can provide a solution for any size project, and arrange delivery to any country. You can choose from our range of instant solutions, for exterior or interior projects or talk to us about bespoke solutions or even that special creative element. Instant solutions Exterior – Building-Armour™ Single-sheet solutions for...

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Building-Armour Facade | Double layer skin in Ice Blue and Ruby Red | College of Creative Arts – CoCa | NZ No seams and no joins; Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile is the only truly seamless mesh. 6

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Exterior: Building-Armour™ Façade cladding, rain and wind screening, solar shading, safetyfrom-falling balustrading for exterior environments

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Exterior: Building-Armour Building-Armour is our seamless solution for façade cladding, rain or wind screening and sun shading. Our single-sheet solutions are cost effective which is ideal for retrofitting an older building and/or protecting buildings from the elements. Why Building-Armour? Building façade projects are where the benefits of our unlimited sheet size and seamless sheet solution come to the forefront, giving you a stunning and clean, visually appealing finish, avoiding ugly joins or distracting expansion gaps. Building-Armour can create a clean monolithic, semitransparent skin for...

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Building-Armour Retrofit Facade | Pewter | Leuschke Group Architects Ltd | NZ Building-Armour Spiral Vortex | Pewter | Airways Corporation | NZ Building-Armour – Safety from Falling | Ice Blue | College of Creative Arts – CoCa | NZ

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Exterior: Building-Armour

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Building-Armour fixing and technical specifications Typical side fixing Typical top and bottom fixing detail Fixing Typical top and bottom fixing detail • 2.5mm (½”) stainless tube, with proprietary stainless 1 hooks at 400mm (24”) centres • tandard screen fixings into timber, steel or S masonry available Technical specifications The technical specifications for our Building-Armour are as follows: • Maximum width: Unlimited • Maximum height: Unlimited • Colour palette: See page 39 • op and bottom fixing: Kaynemaile stainless tube T and tension hook system can be fixed into steel, masonry or timber....

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Interior: Spacemaile™ Screens Hanging, fixed or operable dividers for interior environments. Suitable for privacy screening, partitions, feature walls, and safety from falling on stairs, lift shafts or mezzanines.

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Spacemaile Hanging Screens | Water Clear | OUB Centre | Singapore Spacemaile Hanging Screens | Water Clear | Gensler for Nokia London | ©Hufton Crow | UK Interior: Spacemaile™

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Interior: Spacemaile™ Spacemaile is our instant solution range of flexible, affordable screen solutions. Ideal for when you need to create privacy or a breakout zone within large areas, a retractable room divider or a custom-coloured fall protection screen. Whatever your need, there will be a Spacemaile Screen solution for your interior project. Spacemaile Screens Our instant screen solutions include: • Hanging Screens • Tension Screens • Folding or Movable Screens Difficult shapes Whether you need a simple divider, a curved privacy screen with radius corners, or a robust, translucent fallprotection...

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Hanging Screens Spacemaile Hanging Screens are a simple ceiling-hung solution often used to divide interior spaces, create visual privacy or as a backdrop for signage or displays in retail and hospitality. They are perfect for wrapping internal columns and turning them into a feature. Our Hanging Screens can add depth, a tactile texture and visual interest in front of a solid wall or glazing. The weight of the mesh is sufficient in most circumstances to hold the screen vertical and even. Unlike a traditional fabric curtain, the mesh is generally not affected by drafts, air conditioning or breezes....

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