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Catalogue excerpts

Seamless A1 Mesh KAYNEMAILE SPACEMAILE SPATIAL SYSTEMS PHONE // +64 4 473 4989 FAX // +64 4 471 4640 www.kaynemaile.com skype // kaynemailek

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ANZ // Function & Aesthetic Spatial Dividers / Auckland / New Zealand Spacemaile hanging screens were selected to provide a visual barrier between the main offices & meeting rooms. The floor to ceiling screen sits in front of curved partitions to soften & warm the appearance of glass. The hanging screen overcomes the ongoing issue of cleaning frosted glass. The Spacemaile system provides privacy and is visually striking. 2 All rights reserved ©2012

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01 SPACEMAILE™ SPATIAL SOLUTIONS Spacemaile screens are light, airy, elegant, modern, functional & durable. Spacemaile offers off-the-shelf systems: a range of flexible and expandable systems, providing shorter lead times, faster installation and greater value. Spacemaile systems are fully detailed and include all required hardware and accessories, making them easy for designers to specify. Designed for installation by regular tradespeople; without specialised tools or separate installers. Lightweight // – Easy to handle and install – Ideal for retrofitting into existing spaces. Colours // – Available...

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SPACEMAILE FOLDING SCREENS // AUCKLAND / NEW ZEALAND 1 / Off the shelf design solution 2 / Folding / hanging / suspended screens 5 / Versatile in form and function 3 / Easy to specify 4 4 / Full color range available 6 / Cost effective modern design All rights reserved ©2012

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folding screens Spacemaile off-the-shelf folding screens // a lightweight, functional yet elegant solution when you need to create a spatial or visual barrier. Introducing Spacemaile folding screens; providing a versatile spatial barrier ideal for: – Interior fit-outs in airports – Commercial spaces – Open plan offices Durable // High quality materials are used for the manufacture of all components, including stainless steel hangars, anodized aluminium tracks, and bearing rollers, ensuring the screen is easy to operate, and moves smoothly for years to come. – Retail outlets – Hospitality – bars,...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS // Height/vertical drop // Standard screen heights: 2210mm, 2750mm, 3290mm, 3830mm (can be easily trimmed to size on site using side cutters with no requirement for seaming) Length/horizontal width // Custom made to order, length unlimited. Curved tracks are available on request Component weights // Approx. 1kg per linear metre track, + 3kg per square metre mesh Stack ratio // Approx. 10% (i.e. 3000mm long screen compresses to 300mm when folded) Fold width // 420mm (210mm each side of track centre line) Track // KML proprietary double-stacking aluminium track – silver...

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INSTALLATION // OPTIONAL DROPPER SYSTEM // »» Spacemaile folding screen systems include all sliding hardware, tracks, seamless mesh and locking rods »» An optional dropper system to suspend the roller track below ceilings is available. This solution is ideal for clearing ceiling mounted services, beams, air conditioning ducts, exceptionally high, or uneven ceilings »» All components are supplied in a silver anodized finish, including dropper tubes. End caps for both the roller and dropper tracks are included (custom finishes available) »» Installation can be done by any competent tradesman using...

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Spacemaile Rigid Frame Infill System Robust, rigid system, using our proprietary 3-piece aluminium track around all sides. Technical Specifications // The rigid framed system tensions the mesh into the 'open state' which gives a more open, spacious look compared to our Spacemaile Tension Screen option.  The 3-dimensional form of the mesh provides about a 50% visual barrier, while still allowing 85% air flow. This can save expensive changes to ventilation or fire detection systems. Curves / Custom curved track systems available on request Cost Effective // Flammability Index / Flammability Index...

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Spacemaile Balustrade Infill System Our Balustrade infill system is a simple, elegant and completed solution for infill panels for steel framed or timber balustrades. This system allows for accommodating a range of stair angles from 30° to 45° as well as straight rectangular panels. Technical Specifications // Mesh / Mesh is usually supplied pre-cut to fit the specified size  Flammability Index / Flammability Index 6 to AS/NZS 1530 (FI=6) Mesh, and track can be trimmed to suit the size on site during installation, or preferably, accurate measurements can be provided to us, and  we will factory...

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Spacemaile Tension Screens Spacemaile Tension Screens are a  robust, rigid system, designed to be fixed to floor and ceiling, making them ideal for spatial dividers, floor to ceiling balustrades, green walls, as a backdrop for signage or display, or to add depth and interest in front of a solid walls or glazing. Suitable for use for balustrades on stairs and mezzanines to act as a safety barrier from falling, in both interior and exterior applications.  Cost Effective // »» Cost effective when compared to many curtains and other visual screens »» Specifically designed to be installed using standard...

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Spacemaile Hanging Screens Spacemaile Hanging screens are a simple top hung screen system, ideal for spatial dividers, as a backdrop for signage or display, or to add depth and interest in front of a solid walls or glazing. The weight of the mesh is sufficient in most circumstances to hold the screen vertical and even, it is generally not affected by drafts or breezes in the same way as a traditional curtain can be. Cost Effective // »» Cost effective when compared to many curtains and other visual screens »» Virtually limitless in overall size, with no joins! »» Specifically designed to be installed...

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Clients We Work With // Architectural & Interior Design Applications // »» Air NZ – Custom design/kiosks and spatial dividers »» Operable Strongmaile security systems »» Antarctic Centre – Strongmaile security system »» Aesthetic Spacemaile screens »» ANZ Bank – 60 point of sale glass wall privacy screens, and feature display console »» Functional curtains – Spacemaile folding screen »» Ballantynes KML – Strongmaile security system »» Bayer material science – Spacemaile screens, bar and trade stand »» Best Western Hotel/Restaurant – Spacemaile spatial division »» Christchurch Civic buildings –...

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