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Catalogue 2016 - 68 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

... with love from Småland, Sweden

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MADE IN SMÅLAND A2 is a young Swedish brand presenting a collection of creative and distinct objects for public and private spaces. Our collection of furniture and interior details is contemporary with a heritage of the Scandinavian tradition. At the same time we are happy when we can surprise with interesting combinations of design, fine details, functionality and carefully chosen materials. We cherish a genuine production by skilled craftsmen. All products are, and will always be, produced in Småland, Sweden. The result is long lasting high quality products with a strong identity. Sara Larsson,...

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2 Party bar stool, Happy low bar stool, Twig coat hanger, Squares panel

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Eat chopping board, Space decoration, Dot pouf 3

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6 Show shelf, Hug flower pot, You mirror

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8 Stay bench, Happy stool, Show shelf, Hug flower pot, Space decoration

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Twist table, Hello chair, Space decoration 9

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10 Islands coffee table, Stay bench, Squares panel

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Show shelf, Space decoration, Hug flower pot 13

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14 Stay bench, Mind desk, Hug flower pot, Hello chair, Dot pouf

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Mind, Hello & Stay 15

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16 Angle cabinet and drawer unit, Hello chair, Hidden laptop desk, Angle shelf

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Link, Mingle, Pile & Twig 17

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Squares, Angle & Hello 18

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Pile easy chair, Happy stool, low bar stool and bar table, Link seat unit 19

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20 Hello chair, Twist table, Happy stool, Eat chopping board, Space decoration, W.30 wall storage

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22 Collect 2010 low cabinet, Move trolley

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Story, Småland, W.30 & Happy 24

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Eat chopping board, Småland tray 25

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26 White cabinet, Spin candelabra, Happy chair, stool and table

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White sideboard, Sneak peek mirror 27

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28 Hello chair, Collect 2015 cabinet

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Collect 2013 low, Marble & Sneak peek 31

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32 8 Story cabinet, Marble decoration tray

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36 Mingle table, Play tic tac toe game, Småland tray, Collect 2010 media storage, Link seat unit

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38 Display cabinet, Mingle table

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40 Sneak peek cabinet with base, Play tic tac toe game, Sneak peek cabinet with frame

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Sneak peek desk and mirror, Hello chair 41

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42 Pile easy chair, Street multi unit, File storage, Mingle table

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Meet, Squares, Angle & Hello 43

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Party bar stool, Stars storage, Space decoration 45

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46 White bedside table, Spin candelabra

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Twig, Marble & Stripe 48

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Happy table and chair, Collect cabinet, Move trolley, Spin candelabra 49

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EXPLORE AND ENJOY OUR COLLECTION! The A2 collection is contemporary with creative and distinct objects for public and private spaces. You find details about all our products on the following pages. For more information and pictures please visit www.a2designers.se. 50 Angle table, mini drawer unit and cabinet, Hello chair, W.30 wall storage

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dark grey light green grass green forest green dark green midnight blue Above you find the colours used on our products. Other NCS colours are available upon request. For products with colours in painted oak or stained oak the wood structure is visible. Printed samples can differ in colour and structure compared with the delivered product.

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THE COLLECT FAMILY / CABINETS The Collect family of cabinets is far away from any anonymous storage system. Each cabinet has its own distinct or colourful identity. It is a little cabinet for your favourite things. MATERIALS oak, painted wood and MDF COLOUR white, frame/base in oiled oak, white oiled oak or white DETAILS holes for cable feeding DIMENSIONS WITH FRAME W 127 x D 40 x H 59 cm DIMENSIONS WITH BASE/WHEELS W 127 x D 40 x H 42 cm The original colourful Collect cabinet was launched 2009. The Collect 2010 cabinets were designed as follow-ups and are characterised by interesting white doors...

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HONEY / CABINET MATERIALS oak, painted wood and MDF COLOUR white, frame in oiled oak, white oiled oak or white DIMENSIONS W 64 x D 30 x H 119 cm The Honey cabinet has got its name and front pattern inspired from honeycombs created by nature. The expression is graphic with an interesting opening. DISPLAY / CABINET Display is a showcase with character. The design is clean and classic with many choices. Different parts are available in various colours and materials which gives the possibility to create unique and personal cabinets. MATERIALS painted wood and MDF, oak and glass DIMENSIONS W 64 x D...

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SNEAK PEEK / CABINET No secrets is a cabinet available in two versions. A grey one with a classic expression and a green crazy one. Both alternatives beautifully combines oak with coloured mdf. Sneak peek are playful furniture with a graphic expression. The Sneak peek cabinet is a classic showcase with a twist. A pattern of irregular holes gives a sneak peek of what is inside the cabinet. Show off your beautiful things and hide the rest. The cabinet is available with frame or base. The grey cabinet has a field pattern with a small text “MAKE IT HAPPEN!“ in the corner. The green version is a bit...

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WHITE / CABINET WHITE / BEDSIDE TABLE The White cabinet is a modern piece of furniture with a classic expression. With its clean design the cabinet can be placed in the living or dining room. The cabinet is characterised by stripes in different levels and a beautiful frame in oak. The different levels of the stripes hides the opening of the cabinet. The doors are opened by a push mechanism. The White bedside table is designed to match the White chest of drawers. Together they are a nice storage solution for the bedroom. The White bedside table has a shelf and two drawers which are easily opened...

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SHOW / SHELF Show is an open shelf for storage and display. It invites to create nice compositions of books, magazines and your favourite things. The Show shelf has a distinct and graphic expression in combination with beautiful materials. W.30 is a wall mounted system. Shelves, brackets, vase racks, display racks and mirrors in different combinations create the perfect W.30 for your specific space. Make it a colourful version for the child or a distinct monochrome one for the office. The design is airy and the Show shelf can be placed free standing and used as a room divider. MATERIALS oak, oak...

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