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Catalogue 2014 - 44 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

... with love from Småland, Sweden

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Småland tray, Story cabinet, W.30 wall storage, Happy stool

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HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF A2 LIVE, WORK, MEET, STORE ... WITH US A2 is a young Swedish furniture brand presenting a collection of creative and distinct objects for public and private spaces. Our collection is contemporary with individual objects as well as furniture families. The design has a heritage of the Scandinavian furniture tradition. At the same time we are happy when we can challenge how furniture normally works and looks like. In common for all our products is the combination of interesting design, fine details, functionality and carefully chosen materials. We cherish a genuine...

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KEEP COLLECTING IN WHITE OR COLOUR 4 Collect 2010, Collect 2013 colour and Collect 2011 cabinets

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NEW EDITIONS EVERY YEAR SINCE 2009 Collect 2013 white, Collect and Collect 2012 cabinets 5

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6 Collect 2013 colour cabinet

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Collect 2013 white cabinet 7

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8 Mingle table, Play tic tac toe game, Småland tray, Collect 2010 media storage, Link seat unit

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Collect 2010 cabinet, Happy stool 9

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MOVE ON AND COLLECT A HAPPY DINNER 10 Happy bar table and low bar stool

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Collect 2010 low cabinet, Move trolley 11

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FILE, PILE AND MINGLE AT THE STREET 14 Pile easy chair, Street multi unit, File storage, Mingle table

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File storage, W.30 wall storage 15

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HAVE A SNEAK PEEK 16 Sneak peek cabinet with base, Play tic tac toe game, Sneak peek cabinet with frame

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Sneak peek desk, Sneak peek mirror, Hello chair 17

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FRAME HAPPY ME WITH A SPIN 18 Frame easy chair, White storage, Me table mirror, Happy stool, Spin candelabra

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Me table mirror, White storage 19

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20 White cabinet, Spin candelabra, Happy chair, stool and table

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White sideboard, Sneak peek mirror 21

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THINK COLOUR 22 Move trolley, Twig coat hanger, Stripe storage, Spin candelabra, Hello chair

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Move trolley, Twig coat hanger, Stripe storage, Spin candelabra, Hello chair 23 29

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HELLO JOY! MOVE AND SPIN YOUR ANGLE FOR DISPLAY 24 Move trolley, Spin candelabra, Joy rocking chair, Hello chair

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Angle table, Hello chair, Display cabinet 25

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26 Link seat unit, Mingle table, Pile sofa, Twig coat hanger, Pile easy chair

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Street multi unit, Pile sofa, Hello chair, Mingle table, Link seak unit 27

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28 Happy high bar stool, bar table and low bar stool, NO. 24 cabinet

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Hello chair, Angle table, mini drawer unit and cabinet, W.30 wall storage 29

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MEET HIDDEN ANGLES AT WORK 30 Meet pouf, Twig coat hanger, Angle cabinet and drawer unit

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Hello chair, Hidden laptop desk, Angle shelf, Meet pouf 31

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THE A2 COLLECTION The A2 collection is contemporary with creative and distinct objects for public and private spaces. You find details about all our products on the following pages. For more information and pictures please visit www.a2designers.se. Welcome to explore and enjoy our collection! dark grey light green grass green forest green dark green Above you find the colours used on our products, other NCS colours are available on request. Printed samples can differ in colour and structure compared with the delivered product.

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THE COLLECT FAMILY / CABINETS The Collect family of cabinets is far away from any anonymous storage system. Each cabinet has its own distinct or colourful identity. It is a little cabinet for your favourite things. MATERIALS oak, painted wood and MDF COLOUR white, frame in oiled oak, white oiled oak or white DIMENSIONS W 127 x D 35 x H 89 cm The original colourful Collect cabinet was launched 2009. The Collect 2010 cabinets were designed as follow-ups and are characterised by interesting white doors with squares in different levels. Collect 2011 is colourful and the doors have a pattern of triangles...

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DISPLAY / CABINET SNEAK PEEK / CABINET Display is a showcase with character. The design is clean and classic with many choices. Different parts are available in various colours and materials which gives the possibility to create unique and personal cabinets. Sneak peek are playful furniture with a graphic expression. The Sneak peek cabinet is a classic showcase but with a twist. A pattern of irregular holes gives a sneak peek of what is inside the cabinet. Show off your beautiful things and hide the rest. The cabinet is available with frame or base. MATERIALS painted wood and MDF, oak and glass...

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WHITE / CABINET STRIPE / STORAGE The White cabinet is a modern piece of furniture with a classic expression. With its clean design the cabinet can be placed in the living or dining room. The cabinet is characterised by stripes in different levels and a beautiful frame in oak. The different levels of the stripes hides the opening of the cabinet, the doors are opened by a push mechanism. With its colourful appearance Stripe is a chest of drawers with a strong identity. It is an interesting and yet functional storage unit for the hallway or bedroom. Stripe has four spacious drawers opened by a push...

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ANGLE / STORAGE ANGLE / TABLE The Angle storage system is a follow-up to our sculptural Angle shelf. The interesting angles are the same but the storage system consists of cabinets and drawer units. Angle table is the newest member of the Angle family. With a clean and distinct expression Angle is the perfect table for all spaces from offices to kitchens. Angle is functional office storage behind a creative front with a distinct and clean design. The cabinets are dimensioned for the office and to store binders, folders and suspension files. MATERIALS oak, painted wood and MDF, other table top...

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HIDDEN / LAPTOP DESK W.30 is a wall mounted system. Shelves, brackets, vase racks, display racks and mirrors in different combinations create the perfect W.30 for your specific space. Make it a colourful version for the child or a distinct monochrome one for the office. Hidden is a little desk for laptop computers. Just as the name hints it hides both a function and an object. Hidden can be used as a small working station or just as a place to store the computer. Depending on the position of the movable part the computer is either hidden away or easily accessed. Hidden suits laptops up to 15 inch...

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