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VitalSign? Brochure - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

FUNCTION MEETS AESTHETICS ACCURATE, CLEAN & EFFECTIVE VitalSigri enhances the health of yourfacility.

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COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS VITALSIGN" ADDRESSES HEALTHCARE SIGNAGE FROM EVERY ANGLE. CLEAN ABILITY We eliminated extending message tabs to make the sign easy to wipe down. The clean design helps prevent the spread Clean lines and coordinated finish options help VitalSign" integrate with the architectural aesthetics of 2/90's entire sign system. And retrofitting existing Options galore include alert messages for one or two patients, room numbers, window inserts for paper messages, dry erase boards, pin boards, marker holders, and a SmartStrip' for laminated messages. VitalSign' alerts staff and visitors...

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CUSTOMIZATION MADE EASY A MODULAR DESIGN ALLOWS YOU TO ADAPT EACH SECTION TO MEET YOUR NEEDS. Choose a standard template or integrate your brand in a custom design. MAGNETIC TOOL Reveals icon LARGE INSERT Half window FOOTER INSERT Marker holder Choose room ID ADA, standard insert with digital print, window insert for nurse/ patient name, or dry erase board. ALERT INSERT Choose standard color-coded medical alert messages or customized sliders in any color, symbol or configuration. Sign size is determined by the number of messages. and alert modules can be added in two- message increments. MAGNETIC...

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So many choices. Where to begin? No worries, we'll make it easy for you. Give us a ring or visit us online. We'd love to hear your ideas. Architectural communication solutions positively impact patients' perceptions of their hospital experience. VitalSign" can communicate critical care information to staff and visitors to increase patient satisfaction. Use it next to the bedside to keep critical care information in sight, or in the corridor with ADA-compliant graphics to identify rooms. You can also add window inserts with changeab e laser-print graphics to promote your brand or communicate additional...

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