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Healthcare Flyer - 2 Pages

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Healthcare Flyer
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Catalogue excerpts

HEALTHCARE Sign Maintenance Planning And Product Replacement Installation Technology Maintenance HOSPITAL VISITORS AND PATIENTS OFTEN HAVE A LOT ON THEIR MINDS. NAVIGATING THROUGH YOUR FACILITY SHOULD NOT BE ONE OF THEM. 2/90 Sign Systems has over 35 years of experience directing people to, through and out of healthcare facilities. Our beautifully crafted signs work in harmony to ensure no one is without directional aid. As Paul Arthur and Romedi Passini explained in their 1992 book, Wayfinding: People, Signs and Architecture, “In a [hospital] facility of some 800 beds, no less than 8,000 hours of professional time are lost in redirecting patients and visitors to their destinations.” Investing in a wayfinding program is vital; simply put, when people are lost, money is lost. 2/90’s dynamic solutions create a positive environment for patients, visitors and staff. We can assist you with wayfinding analysis and programming; fabricating a system of interior and exterior signage with static, changeable and digital messaging; professional demolition and installation; maintenance programs for easy reordering and updating; and our healthcare specialty signage, VitalSign and InfoBoard. Architectural communication solutions can positively influence a patient’s perceptions directly impacting HCAPHS satisfaction scores. Keep patients informed while promoting your brand with 2/90 signs.

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HEALTHCARE WAYFINDING SOLUTIONS! Assessment Planning Design Interior Signs Digital Communications Exterior Signs Healthcare Communication Tools Queuing Systems Demolition Installation Maintenance PLANNING Successful navigation is a result of a well-planned system of interior and exterior facility signage. 2/90’s turnkey services include assessment, planning, and design. Our SEGD (Society of Graphic Designers) partners can help map out an effective wayfinding plan while designing a sign program to complement your environment. You can rely on the thoroughness of our design and planning group to...

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