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2/90 Sign Systems: First to lasting impressions. Signs define space. A person’s experience within an environment has a beginning and an end. 2/90 Sign Systems creates a positive impact by understanding that the purpose of signs is to move people to, through and out of a facility. Our beautifully crafted signs work in harmony with each other to ensure a lasting impression. 2/90 Corporate Facility, Grand Rapids, MI

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DESIGN AND WAYFINDING Careful planning is the key to creating the most functional, attractive, cost-effective and code-compliant signage installation possible. You can rely on 2/90’s project management team to do the groundwork that ensures a wayfinding solution tailored to your specific style, budget and overall needs. manufacturing 2/90 has manufactured high quality architectural signage for thirty years. We are an industry leader and the partnerof-choice to many prestigious healthcare, corporate, educational, hospitality and federal government facilities. Our Grand Rapids, Michigan...

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2/90 Modular: When the only constant is change. People come and go. Departments move. Companies expand and consolidate. 2/90 Modular can help calm the anxiety employees and visitors inevitably feel in the face of such transitions. They give people up-to-date information on where to go and what to expect. They also enhance an organization’s reputation for managing change effectively. Uniquely flexible and exceptionally crafted from high-quality materials, 2/90 Modular is a lasting solution for an ever-changing work environment. VISTEON CORPORATION, VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP, MI Visteon, a leading...

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2/90 Modular: The System Using just three basic components, 2/90 Modular offers a near-infinite variety of size, finish and configuration options... so you can create a truly tailored look for your organization. When changes occur, you simply replace one component — the copy insert — rather than the entire sign. Whether you use your own laser-print inserts or obtain replacement inserts from 2/90, making changes is quick, easy and economical. And the results always look great. Rail Joiner 4" Rail Made of extruded aluminum. Specified Standard inserts are ABS, aluminum End caps secure inserts...

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For flexibility, window inserts have different paper changing options accommodated by choice of removable end caps, magnetic-mounted paper carriers and notched end caps (shown below).

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2/90 Modular: Component Design Options Color and form can say as much as words and graphics. We offer a broad range of aesthetic options that help you create an impression even as you’re delivering information. Sixteen mounting options extend your creativity even further, empowering you to seamlessly integrate signs into any architectural environment. Tamper-resistant features ensure that your design vision will withstand the rigors of time. Designed to inspire...inspired by design. Accent Strip Bottom Trim end caps and trim options Six end cap styles are offered in any standard or color...

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MODULAR MOUNTING options A Pressure Sensitive – For smooth, hard surfaces. Not recommended for selected vinyl wall coverings. Can be used with silastic bonding. Sign should not exceed 144 sq. inches. J hanging ceiling – For high or irregular ceilings. Hang lines tie to rafters, beams, duct work, piping, etc. Sign should not exceed 1,440 sq. inches or 150 lbs. Hang line not included. B Magnetic – For mounting directly onto steel furniture panels, case goods and filing cabinets. Sign should not exceed 144 sq. inches. K Perpendicular – For wall surfaces. Sign sits at a L glass – For backside...

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2/90 Modular: Identification Signs In today's dynamic workplace, few people spend their entire careers with a single company. In this age of mergers, consolidations and continuous rightsizing, few companies maintain the exact same facility plan over time. Because nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, modularity is critical for signs that identify people and locations. 2/90 Modular effortlessly communicates the changing whos and wheres within your organization — and they set a tone of style and efficiency that tells people what you're all about. PEOPLE AND ROOM SIGNS Configurations for...

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2/90 Modular: Wayfinding Signs Effective signage doesn't call attention to itself. It's almost invisible. Blending into their environment, 2/90 signs help people interpret and navigate those surroundings. You'll only really notice signage when it doesn't work. 2/90 Modular works because signs are always clear, always attractive and always dependable — there is no better resource for moving people to, through STAIR LEVEL EXIT THIS LEVEL AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY Circuit Courts Preuding Judge Judge Sheldon Douma Judge Karri Browne Judge Thana Kartdasomy Judge Carlos Aiello Judge Brian Norix...

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Human Resources Customer Service Training Center Human Resources CITY OF SUNNY ISLES BEACH Mdrg Deporlrw' O, Manager't Coherence Roam Cormviwn CKarbei,, louHjl entrance)

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2/90 Modular: Information Signs 2/90 Modular is always flexible. Modular Information Signs add another level of versatility to the mix. They’re designed to support temporary or customized information displays: Daily calendars. Personalized welcomes. Brochure holders. And much, much more. Freestanding models enable you to place messages where they’ll have the most impact — and you can choose from three structural options that offer different sizes of information viewing areas, but always with portable ease of movement. Light-Duty stands have an aluminum frame with a Medium-Duty stands are...

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2/90 Modular: Regulatory and Life-Safety Signs When it comes to pinpointing exits, stairways, evacuation routes, fire extinguishers and other regulatory locations, your signs need to communicate quickly and clearly. With crisp letters and universally recognized graphics — including ADA standards — 2/90 Modular provides at-a-glance identification of safety features. Our decades of sign making experience and industry knowledge help ensure that you meet regulatory requirements throughout your facility.

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